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The Charter of Iniciatva Inakos
Dtum pridania:: 1.9.2008, Autor: redakcia

The Charter

of  Iniciatíva Inakos - Coexistence Without Discrimination of Sexual Minorities

The Iniciatíva Inakos is a voluntary civic initiative with a specific and attainable vision about coexistence in a pluralistic society. This vision is based on the idea of a tolerant society, fostering respect towards all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, nationality, socio-economic status, religion, and/or worldview.
We strive to publicly promote a pluralistic form of civil society, as an informal community of people who share mutual understanding, respect the right of the individual to be different, and aim towards fulfillment of the individual’s basic human rights and needs.
We strive for a cultivated coexistence of pluralistic life styles, a fair society in which everyone is regarded as unique. In a pluralistic civil society, all citizens, whether they are heterosexual, homosexual, white, black, Christian, Buddhist or without religious affiliation, perceive the difference of the other as a stimulus for thinking and self-reflection, and accept his/her full right for human existence and expression.
The Iniciatíva Inakos strives for the attainment of equal rights for all who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender, in all areas of their lives. This initiative is based on the respect for diversity and dignity of open-minded human beings, who are capable of making responsible choices and engaging in a public discussion. It is concerned with the individual’s expressions of freedom that stem from basic human needs and rights, such as the right to freely engage in the emotional, sexual and economic relationship with a consenting partner, and the perception of such relationship as legitimate and respectable. We believe that the individual’s personal difference has also a public dimension, and the fulfillment of the need for personal happiness in a relationship is regarded as a political and public issue which fundamentally affects the cultivation of tolerance in society.
Therefore, our aim is to consistently advocate for basic human rights and freedoms, guaranteed by corresponding international treaties.
The Iniciatíva Inakos invites all the proponents of the idea ofcivil society to become partners in the reinterpretation of our societal norms and values. Reflecting on the tragedy of Europe, marked by the history of violent attempts to restrict the freedom of human beings, and thefreedom of their choices, we are determined to share our views and visions with everyone who is open to the ideas of fairness, lawful practices, and respect towards the right to be different.
The Iniciatíva Inakos calls for a redefinition of the coexistence of all citizens, who are able to leave behind their ideological biases, including the historical baggage of the national-Christian traditions. With regard to this, we express our doubts about the ability of any individual and/or society to define the whole and the only truth, once and forever.
We see the meaningfulness of a progressive viewpoint of citizens in civil and authentic life and in open, constructive and nonviolent public dialogue. We believe that the Iniciatíva Inakos, its activities in society, and its creative potential for diversity, offers to all of us a possibility of choice and an opportunity to attain personal fulfillment and happiness.          
Bratislava,  June 27th 2000                                                              
Movement Ganymedes: Marián Vojtek, president; Anna Dauíková; Citizens association Altera: Jana Kapustová, statutory agent; Citizens association HABIO: Silvester S., director; Citizens association Museion: Hana Fábry, speaker; Center of Communication, Cooperation and integration of sex minorities: uboš Vrbický, president, Dušan Veselovský, vice-president; Jozef Gré, member; Citizens association H-plus: Vladislav Horák, statutory agent, Ivan Janetka, statutory agent; Peter Králik, voluntary activist; Marek Mrázik, voluntary activist; Jaro Gyurik, voluntary activist
Original Charter document in slovak language : http://inakost.nazory.cz/Charta.htm