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Rising the Number of Civil Partnerships Supporters, Declining the Number of Opponents
Dtum pridania:: 14.08.2012, Autor: Iniciativa Inakost
Press release

In July 2012, Iniciatíva Inakos Civil Association, with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, has conducted an opinion poll via FOCUS Agency with a sample group of 1,026 inhabitants of the Slovak Republic.

As well as June 2008 and September 2009 opinion polls, the latest one also confirmed that the public opinion has to a large extent shifted in favour of the Civil Partnership Act adoption. Supporters of the Act make 9% more in July 2012 than its opponents, i.e. 5% rise from 2009.

Adoption of the Civil Partnership Act would be definitely or probably supported by 47% of the respondents (definitely not or probably not by 38% and 15% do not know).

The opinion poll also re-confirmed that the public does not have any reservations about a real content of this Act. Definitely yes or probably yes was answered by the respondents about the following rights and responsibilities of the same sex persons, i.e. pair of gays or lesbians:

>>   Access to the information on the health condition of the partner – 75% of the respondents
>>    Right to a paid leave from an employment in case of the partners death to make funeral arrangements – 73% of the respondents
>>  Right to a nursing allowance when taking care of the ill partner – 61% of the respondents
>>    Right to inherit – 60% of the respondents
>>  Right to a paid leave from an employment in case the partner needs to be accompanied to the doctor – 58% of the respondents
>>   Right to create an undivided right or tenancy by entirety – 57% of the respondents
>>   Maintenance obligation of partners – 50% of the respondents (only 31% answered definitely no or probably no)
>>   Right to receive a pension of the deceased partner – 48% of the respondents (only 36% answered definitely no or probably no)
>>   Right to tax reliefs – 45% of the respondents (only 38% answered definitely no or probably no)

Opinion polls have been continuously re-confirming that Slovakia meets required social prerequisites for an adoption of the Civil Partnership Act, as it is the reality in most EU countries.

We call upon the politicians avowing values recognised by standard European political groups to finally adopt the Civil Partnership Act. Slovakia has already met all required social and political prerequisites for that to happen, said Iniciatíva Inakos representative, Július Koleni.

Bratislava, August 14, 2012
Iniciatíva Inakos