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FFi Audience Awarded The Secrets
Dtum pridania:: 15.10. 2011, Autor: FFi.sk

“The Secrets” (Ha-sodot, 2007) about love of a rabbi’s daughter and her mate became the most favourite film at the Slovak Queer Film Festival 2011. The audience voted so with their ballots. Avi Nesher’s film with Fanny Ardant in a supporting role was screened within the “Fragments of Israel” section, dedicated to the life of queer community in Israel. The fifth edition of the Festival brought more than 30 films from 13 countries in seven days, screened in four screening rooms. Stories of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people were seen by approximately 2,200 viewers. “It seems, we once again managed to organise a pleasant and comforting Festival – and screened films that attracted viewers regardless of their sexual orientation. And at the same time, we managed to draw attention, in a cultured way, to the fact that Slovakia has its own large LGBT minority calling for its rights,” reviewed Zita Hosszúová, the Festival Director.

New event of the Festival – two whole-night screenings – encountered a positive response of the audience. Film fans watched screenings in Meteorit Theatre until 7am. The fifth edition was special by a personal participation of Peter Bebjak, director, and Juraj Korec, choreographer, presenting their dance-film “Darkroom”. Robert Šveda also presented his queer films. The audience could have discussed about “The Walls are High and Thick”, a documentary about a life of a set designer Aleš Votava, with director Juraj Johanides, literary adviser Anna Grusková and actor Richard Stanke. The latter is with actress Zuzana Kronerová the patron of the Slovak Queer Film Festival. At the opening ceremony, Milan Ftánik, the Mayor of Bratislava, supported organisers and their work, taking auspices over the event. “We would like to thank to all our partners, helping us financially, materially or morally, to realise this year’s Festival. Without their willingness, patience and unselfish help the event of this kind would not be possible in Slovakia these days. My thanks also belong to my colleagues who dedicated all their free time in the last weeks to the preparations of the Festival. The thanks also go to their families, friends and partners who tolerated it,” thanked Hosszúová.

“Sissies” by NoMantinels was the most popular from the accompanying events of the Festival. People were also very interested in debates, especially “Gay Christian and the Church”, or in Adam Georgiev’s author reading. Debates on HIV, trans phenomenon or Rainbow PRIDE were also a part of the Festival, as well as “Seeking Love”, Dušan Veselovský’s exhibition, that will close on October 15, in KC Dunaj.

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