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New leaflet from Gay-Christians and Invitation to discussion
Dtum pridania:: 23.09.2011, Autor: redakcia
Informal group of Gay Christians in Slovakia published a leaflet in September 2011, with support of Iniciativa Inakos.

Original leaflet in slovak language can be found on this link: http://www.inakost.sk/index.php?page=clanok_detail&id=237

Below you can find the translation into english:

To be Gay and Christian. Impossible?
So many LGBT Christians have been kicked out, gossiped out, pushed out or asked to leave a church because of their sexual identity. Leaders have come out and been removed from their positions. Worship pastors have been silenced and asked to get off the stage. Teenagers have been told not to attend youth events for fear of spreading their “sickness.” Others have simply refused to go inside a church because the voices inside are so loud screaming – “There’s no place, for people like you, here.” (Kori Ashton, gospel singer)
„ All human intimacy finds its deepest meaning and fulfillment when it is experienced and lived as a participation in the intimacy of God himself. “ (Henri Nouwen, Catholic priest, theologian, writer)

Not always. Not everywhere.
We are group of LGBTIQ* Christians who accept their sexuality as God´s given and we do not see it as a contradictory to faith. There are Christian Churches and organizations, who would agree with us, others would ask us a lot of questions, for others we would be suspicious and some would treat us similarly like those in the introductory quotes.

*LGBTIQ – English abbreviation for a vast group of persons experiencing their “differentness” on various levels of emotional & sexual orientation – lesbians, gays, transgender, transsexuals, intersexuals, commonly referred to as “gay” or “queer.”

Gay Christians in Slovakia? Such people exist?
We are interdenominational group of LGBTIQ Christians in different periods of life. On our regular meetings we have some spiritual program, often followed with lively debate and usually there´s still room for informal, personal talk.

We would like to be Christian group where different people could communicate, united by non-heterosexual orientation and desire to grow in faith, intimacy with Christ, self-acceptance and acceptance of others in fullness. Place, where you can be fully yourself and experience acceptance and understanding.

We are not organization, we are not funded by anyone, we are not trying to fit you into any categories. Everybody, who feels “he/she doesn´t fit,” is welcomed. You can write on one of our addresses and be informed about next meeting.

Given by our various periods of life and different levels of “coming-out, nobody is forced at our meeting to give away his true name, you can stay under nickname. No information about anybody will leave the meeting, not because we want to be a secret society but because we want to create a safe space and have relations of trust, acceptance, freedom and frankness.

Webpage of Gay Christians group in Slovakia: www.gaychristians.sk
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Invitation to public discussion during Slovak Queer Film Festival

Gay Christian and Church   
debate + screening
Organizers: Gay Christians Slovakia
www.gaychristians.sk, socialnet.gaychristians.sk, gaychristians.slovakia(at)gmail.com

2. 10. 2011, Sunday
FTF VŠMU classroom
In Slovak only
free entrance

Life in the middle can be sometimes hard to take. Could the church make this life easier? Should it attempt to do so? And does it try? Every Christian seeks their home in church, and as home is a symbol of peace, a safe haven, these questions need their time and place. Currently, for many homosexual Christians, the church does not act as such symbol, which leads to confusion and hurt. Can we at all find a path to a church family? And can the church family find a path to us? Is there a bottomless abyss between us, or is it possible to build a bridge?