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A Unique LGBT People Workshop to Start in September
Dtum pridania:: 02.08.2011, Autor: Iniciativa Inakost
Iniciatíva Inakos has prepared the “LGBT People Personal Development Workshop”. The Workshop starts in September and it is the first event of its kind in Slovakia.

Besides the progress in the field of human rights in our country, only a little has so far been done for LGBT people in the field of psychological services. There are no targeted psychological consultant services aimed at specific problems of LGBT clients.

LGBT people often find themselves in crisis situations related to homophobia and discrimination and face the greater society pressure, disadvantaging, hostility, victimising or, at least, stereotyping, than the heterosexual majority. This makes the risk of psychical problems higher (stress, anxiety, depression, denying their identity), or makes the development of their personal potential more difficult. As the result, LGBT people find themselves in a social isolation, alone with their problems.

The sensitive psychological services may be of great help in these situations. As PhDr. Hana Smitková, PhD. says: “These are often people for whom finding and accepting themselves may be even harder and who are worried to talk about themselves, especially in the environment not accepting or not perceiving their specific situation arising from their identity. Psychologists should be aware of a social context which LGBT people and all of us live in and to solve their needs more sensitively or perceptively.”

The goal of the Workshop is to start providing the psychological support for LGBT people in the capital city of Bratislava. During the experience meetings lead by a qualified psychologist those people could openly speak about their problems, look for their solutions, get more information on coming out, perceiving one’s own identity, partner relationships, ways of treating anxiety, depression and family problems. As Mgr. Andrej Kuruc says: “Creating the safer environment would provide a room for a positive feedback and an emotional group support from LGBT people with similar experiences and problems.” For more information on the Workshop and application, please visit

The Workshop is one of the activities of the broader Inakos’s project “Psychological support for LGBT people”, realized with the support of the Government Office of SR. Besides the Workshop, the project includes a survey aimed at detecting psychical problems and using psychological services by LGBT people, a methodical guide for psychological services providers and creating several information materials for the general public.

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