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Radiov`s Government Discriminates Minority Another Betrayal of Homophobic Politicians
Dtum pridania:: 21.03.2011, Autor: redakcia
Iniciatíva Inakos strongly protests against the decision of the Slovak Republic Government to remove the Committee for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights from the proposal of the Statute of the Council of the Slovak Republic Government for human rights, national minorities and gender equality. The abridged version of the approved Statute deliberately discriminates a non-heterosexual minority in Slovakia.

The Statute proposal of the new Government Council has been a result of several months lasting process and reccurent interdepartmental commenting. This Council is intended to help the Government enforce the equal treatment principle and the principle of equality of all minorities. Nothwithstanding that, in the Statute preparation phase, the Committee for LGBT minority was included among the standing committes, the Government removed this Committee from the Statute without the previous consultations or reaching agreement with the minority representatives.

With this decision, the Slovak Republic Government has trampled human dignity of Slovak citizens, ignoring the sole existence of sexual minorities and virtually labelling them as unworthy of equal treatment – as Committees for other minorities remained in the Statute. “Such a scandalous attitude of the Government is unacceptable for us. Now it is clear, homophobic parties have been a part of Iveta Radiová`s Government, repeatedly betraying their voters and election campaign promises regarding the human rights,” says Július Koleni, Inakos`s Management Board member.

Iniciatíva Inakos deplores misusing and deception of gay and lesbian citizens by political parties in order to obtain their votes in the elections. The real politics show, they do not care about them. “We offered help to the Government institutions and took an active part in this work. In the upcoming period we are going to monitor the Government steps very closely. We will see what they will be doing to improve the situation of all minorities in Slovakia,” added Koleni.

Bratislava, March 11, 2011
Iniciatíva Inakos