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Our History
Dtum pridania:: 11.4.2008, Autor: admin

Pre-history of Iniciatíva Inakos – as citizens initiative since 2000
Charta Iniciatívy Inakos
Iniciatíva INAKOS 2000 - spoluitie bez diskriminácie sexuálnych menšín
INiciatíva INakos 2003 - stránky INiciatívy INakos a obianskej iniciatívy "Povedz to nahlas"

History of Iniciatíva Inakos – as civic organisation since 2006
Title Iniciatíva Inakos (Iniciatíva Inakos) – Cohabitation Without Discrimination of Sex Minorities was used for the first time in Slovak medium in 2000. At that time Ganymedes (acting in Slovak Republic from 1990) with another citizens associations, HaBiO, Altera, Museion, H-plus a CKKISM, made agreement of creation informal group representative for homosexual, bisexual and transgender citizens in Slovak Republic. After then and bellow this mark was Ganymedes realizing several projects in years 200-2004.
In 2006 were activities of Iniciatíva Inakos started again by Hana Fábry from The First Lesbien Associate MUSEION, and with other activists she started up campaign WHO IS WHO (KTO JE KTO), which were containing PETITION about Act of Life Partnership of Two Same Sex Persons in Slovak Republic. In autumn 2006 were Iniciatíva Inakos transformed from informal platform state into official citizens association with legal personality. It’s capital commission is protection of human rights and basic freedoms of citizens with homosexual orientation, and representing of gay and lesbian minority in SlovakRepublic. Iniciatíva Inakos is anxious in positive presentation of GLBT minority, as an equivalent part of Slovak and European society. By its activity it wants to hint as discrimination of gays and lesbians in society, to be anxious in its liquidation and in following of Antidiscrimination Act. It is challenging to all-society discussion about that the people with homosexual orientation are here, they are creating equivalent minority with another minorities, and they have same rights like the others.
Iniciatíva Inakos is represented by Administration Board – team of active gays and lesbians which have experience with work in another citizens associations and they are concerned with GLBT problematic for longer time. In last months of 2006 were Iniciatíva Inakos reacting to challenge of Human Rights and Minorities Section of Office of the Government of the Slovak Republic and elaborated  project  WE ARE HERE – Days of Otherness (SME TU – Dni inakosti).
Project was realized within European Year of Equal Opportunities for All 2007 - On the Way to Rightful Society (Európsky rok rovnakých príleitostí pre všetkých 2007 - na ceste k spravodlivej spolonosti), with financial accommodation of EU. Iniciatíva Inakos were realizing this project by oversee of Minorities Section of Office of the Government, and were cooperating with Slovak National Centre for Human Rights, and with accommodation of Young Social Democrats in SR. Project presented wide scale of multiple activities apportioned for four seasons of 2007. About concrete realized, as well as prepared events connected with this project you can find information at Infobanka section of our website www.inakost.sk. Also, at partnered website www.ganymedes.info you can find wide archive of gay and lesbian activities in Slovakia, CzechRepublic as well as around the world after 1990.
If you want to learn more about activities of Iniciatíva Inakos, about current project The Way to Act of Life Partnership (Cesta k zákonu o registrovanom partnerstve), please contact us at inakost@inakost.sk.
Marián Vojtek – founder of Movement Ganymedes and cofounder of Iniciatíva Inakos